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How to Choose a Lift Chair Recliner

Choosing the right lift chair can be simple with
All you'll need is a tape measure and something to write down the results.
Tape measure. Notepad

1Width Between Arms
Let's begin by measuring the seat width of your recliner chair. This is the width between the arms of the chair, in inches.

Start where the chair seat meets the armrest, and measure the distance to the opposite armrest.

This measurement will ensure that you get a chair that is wide enough for you to fit comfortably in, but not so wide that you have to stretch your arms out to rest them on the armrests.

Measure the width of the chair.

2Seat Depth
Next, you'll want to measure the seat depth of the chair. To measure seat depth, start from the very back of the seat cushion, under the backrest. Measure the distance to the edge of the seat.

For rounded seats that don't have a straight edge, look for the point where the seat cushion starts bending down into the leg rest.

It may help to hold a broomstick between the arm rests of the chair, to get a feel for where the edge of the seat is.

Measure the chair seat depth.

3Floor to Top of Seat
After you've measured seat width and seat depth, it's time to measure the seat height from the floor. Having a correct seat height is important. A chair that is too tall will cause your legs to dangle. A chair that's too short means your feet will hang off the edge of the footrest when the chair is reclined.

Hold one side of the tape measure on the ground, and measure the distance to the top of the seat cushion.

Measure height from floor.

4Seat to Top of Arm
The next measurement we're going to take is the armrest height, also known as "Seat to Top of Arm". This is the distance between the top of the seat cushion and the top of the armrest.

Take your measurement starting at the top of the seat cushion, where the seat meets the armrest. Measure the distance to the very top of the armrest.

It might help to lay a book across the armrest so you can see where the top point is.

Having the right armrest height ensures that you won't have to stretch your shoulders uncomfortably to rest your arms.

Measure arm rest height.

5Seat to Top of Back
The final measurement you need to take is the height of the backrest, also known as "Seat to Top of Back".

This is the distance from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the backrest. The backrest height of a chair is important. It ensures that your head will fall squarely upon the backrest cushions. If the backrest is too short, your head might tower over the top of the chair.

Start from the top of the seat cushion, and measure the distance to the very top of the backrest. It might help to put a book or something flat on top of the headrest to determine where the top point is.

Measure seat to top of back.