NEW!! Mack Walker
The Mack is a one of a kind walker. The rugged heavy-duty frame has a 325lb. weight capacity, and the extra large seat has a built in removable rubber cushion for incredible comfort. Large 8" solid rubber tires provide extra stability on any terrain. Our easy to remove backrest reduces the amount of space needed for transporting.
Item # 4215
Weight Capacity - 325lb. 
Weight - 21lb.
Handle Adjustment - 34.5"-39" 
Seat Height - 22.5"
Seat Width - 17"w x 12.5"d
Width between handles - 20"
Overall Width - 24.5"
Color - Midnight Blue, Burgundy 
Optional Accessories: Tray, Hanging Walker Bag, Travel Bag
Cruiser Deluxe Super
The “CRUISER DELUXE SUPER” has a higher handle adjustment (38.5") and seat height (22.5") than the “CRUISER DELUXE”. 
    The large 8" wheels provide greater stability and a smoother ride. (basket included)

Item # 4212
Weight Capacity - 250lb. 
Weight - 18lb.
Overall Width - 22"
Seat Width - 17.5"
Seat Height - 22.5"
Handle Adjustment-34"-38.5" 
Color - Blue, Burg, Green 
Optional Accessories: Tray, Tote bag, Rubber Seat Pad, Basket Cover Bag, Hanging Walker Bag, Travel Bag