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Okin Metal Fork Head

Okin Metal Fork Head
Okin Metal Fork Head
Okin Metal Fork Head
Okin Metal Fork Head
Okin Metal Fork Head
Okin Metal Fork Head
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SKU: P102
For Delta Drive Motor. (Reverse threads onto end of stroke tube)

May have slit down middle. This fits Okin Motors, not Dewert

You install this fork head by first removing any broken debris from the old fork head. You can use a needle nose pliers to spin out and fulll pieces remaining down in the stroke tube and then clean the threads with an old toothbrush.  Then screw in your new fork head all the way counterclockwise or left handed turn.

Then gently turn your stroke tube itself down counter clockwise until it bottoms out and then bring the stroke tube back out about 1 or 2 turns so it is not installed too short.  (The stroke tube is the 1" by about 11" aluminum tube that the fork head attaches to and the stroke tube screws counter clockwise down into the actuator and bottoms out against the gearbox cover.)  What you accomplish by doing this is that you time your actuator so that it will not retract too short and over recline the chair to flat and break the spindle nut on the inside bottom part of the spindle or the fork head you just replaced on the terminal end of the spindle. You can start out with 2 full turns out and then go back and make it only one full turn if your chair is not reclining as flat as it did originally.
Part Type: Motor Component
Manufacturer: Okin
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