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Okin Spindle Nut

The Okin Spindle Nut #104 is a part that connects the Stroke Tube to the Spindle, (Worm Screw). The Spindle Nut travels up and down the Spindle and pushes and pulls the stroke tube up and down to move the chair from recline to full standing. The spindle nut can become stripped out or break in half. Commonly this occurs when someone shifts their weight onto the leg rest to try and get out of the chair before the leg rest is all the way down. It can also break if someone is shifting their weight while the chair is moving. If your chair will go up and down, but will not lift the legrest up even though you still hear the motor running you may have a broken spindle nut. If you turn the chair over and find that the stroke tube pulls loose freely from the motor then you know your spindle nut is either broken or stripped. Look at it with a flashlight. You may even see half of it still on the spindle and half of the threads broken off in the end of the stroke tube.