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E-Mail Support for Parts

Fast email help ordering parts and replacement motors for lift chairs, scooters, adjustable beds, treadmills, dental chairs, and more.

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We have most parts you need to fix your own lift chair. We stock most parts and replacement motors available for Okin and Hubbell Motors.  Many major manufacturers use Okin and Hubbell motors, such as Golden, Med-Lift and Mobility, La Z Boy, Berkline, Best, Action, and many more.

If you have a Dewert motor we have switches for the hand controls and replacement hand controls for Dewert motors.

Please copy and paste the information below into your email and fill in the specifics pertaining to your motor and lift chair in your email. If you do not know the answer, please leave blank. Email support requests are given priority and answered as promptly as possible. We may phone or email you to help you. We cannot guarantee we will answer all voice mails. So, Please use emails with as much information as you can supply.

Please copy and paste the text below into your email and provide the answers so we may help you as quickly as possible.
(Simply highlight the text below and hit the Ctrl Key and C for Copy. Then click on Click Here to Email Then, in the body of your email body hit the Ctrl Key and V for paste)


Brand of Motor:
Brand of Lift Chair:
Brand and type of Equipment if not a Lift Chair:
Part Number:
Type of Part Needed:
Your Name:
The State you live in or your shipping address:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Up until what time in the evening may we call you?

Description of problem:

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Our email address is OR


Typical Problem descriptions:

Motor runs but will not move the chair up or down and I hear a rattle grinding noise.
Motor runs and makes a lot of noise and barely goes up and down.
Motor runs up and down with no one in it, but will not lift with someone in it.
Lift Chair goes up but won't go down.
Lift Chair goes down but won't go up.
Lift Chair goes up and down, but will not recline even though I hear the motor running
I have to jiggle the hand control to get it to work.
My power supply is cold to the touch when it is plugged into a live outlet.
My black plastic fork head cracked in half.
My Okin stroke tube popped off of the spindle nut.

(Okin Part numbers look like this,,  11 digits separated by periods or a 5 digit number in the top right corner of the label or a JLDQ 11.157.333 format number We use our own 3 digit numbers on the previous page)

(Hubbell Motors for lift chairs say MC-42 and will have a series number such as M-1842 on them also.