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What is a lift chair?


What is an electric lift chair recliner?

An electric lift chair recliner is a specially constructed recliner chair that has an electric motorized mechanism installed in it that enables the chair to lift a person to an almost standing position. The lift chair recliner also controls lowering the chair completely to a fully reclined position. You may stop the lift chair in any position between almost standing and full recline and it will remain in that position because it is being held in place by the position you stop the motor or motors.

Most single motor lift chairs use a simple up and down switch hand control or a two button up and down hand control to operate the chair from fully up to fully down. These single motor lift chairs usually have a lifting capacity up to 375lb. The Regal PR-751 is an example of this style of single motor lift chair with many standard options.

Some electric lift chair recliners have two motors installed which are synchronized together using a control box and simple up and down hand control. These dual lift models usually have a lifting capacity between 375lb and 500lb. The PR-501M-26D is an example of a full featured dual lift motor lift chair recliner with all heavy duty components and all the features and comfort smaller chairs.

Infinite Position and Zero Gravity lift chairs have two independent motors set up in a master / slave set up with a 4 or 6 button hand control. One motor works the back independently and one motor works the legs independently. With this type of lift chair such as the Relaxer PR-756 you can adjust the back and legs to achieve any position you desire.

Most people prefer a full chaise leg rest which covers the gap between the front edge of the seat and the back edge of the foot rest. A chaise leg rest provides better leg support and no gaps or spaces in the leg rest. Without a chaise leg rest this gap is covered by a drop cloth.

2 way recline lift chairs are usually economy models and only tilt back without the back and seat flattening out in relation to each other. In other words it is the same as if you were sitting in a straight back chair and it was tilted back and a leg rest came up as you were tilted back. You end up partially reclined with your back and hips at a 90 degree angle and your legs elevated horizontal in front of you.

3 way recline chairs offer a more full recline. When fully reclined your shoulders are about 12 inches higher than your hips and your knees are about 5 inches higher than your hips with your legs elevated to a horizontal position. This is a comfortable sleeping position for most people and the back and seat flatten out in relation to each other as the lift chair is fully reclined.

Most lift chairs lift and stand you up in the same fashion to where you are almost fully standing. You simply need to straighten up slightly and lean forward and you are standing up.


Golden Technologies Offers Premium Luxury Lift Chair Recliners With The Latest, Best, And Tested Construction. They Set The Bar. You Will Get The Best Warranties And Hassle Free Service. The Qualtiy Is So Good That Problems Are Rare. If Something Does Go Wrong It Is A Simple Toll Free Phone Call Direct To Golden's Knowledgable And Fast Responding Service Team. They Are Pleasure To Deal With And Make Your Purchase Of a Golden Technologies Lift Chair Worry Free. We Proudly Offer Golden Technologies Products. The PR-751 Regal Lift Chair Recliner By Golden Technologies In Coffee Bean Brisa Is An Example Of One Of The Best Lift Chair Recliners Made In America.
This picture show a cross section of a Golden Technologies PR-501 Comforter. This model has doweled and glued, kiln dried Northern Maple Frame construction. All wood is wrapped to avoid sharp corners. The hardware is custom made to heavy duty specifications. The pillow soft stuffing provides luxurious comfort. This is a quality American Made Lift Chair Recliner.  





Here is a ground level look under a lift chair with an Okin Deltadrive Motor in the lifted position.

Electric Lift Chair Recliners Offer Independence To Patients And Help To Caregivers. Give yourself or a loved one a lift today! Laid out here is a complete Okin Deltadrive Lift Chair Motor set up and electronics. It include the motor actuator assembly, the hand control, the safe DC power supply that holds two nine volt batteries for back up if the power goes out, and the cable that connects the motor to the power supply. The hand control opperates with simple, easy to use. up and down buttons. This modern complete lift electronics set up is available as a package to swap in and replace the old electronics in older lift chairs in and easy fashion.