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Who uses lift chairs?

If you have trouble standing up out of a chair, a lift chair will benefit you. Lady in white shirt standing up from lift chair.
It may hurt your arms, legs, or back to stand up out of the chair, or it might just make you feel out of breath.  
No matter what the issue, a lift chair will eliminate the strain of standing up. Woman in pink shirt standing up from lift chair.
This simple device is a luxury recliner chair with the addition of a motorized lift and recline mechanism. It can do everything that a standard recliner chair can do, as well as lift up. Lift chair profile view showing lift mechanism.
It does all of this with a simple hand control, so you can move the chair from a fully reclined position to a nearly standing position with the push of a button. Hand control with two white buttons.
It becomes much easier to stand up out of the chair. Man standing up from lift chair.
Lift chairs help sufferers of diseases which impede mobility, such as:
Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, Mutiple Sclerosis, Ataxia